It takes only 90 minutes to cross the 18 nautical miles from the port of Kyllini by ferry to the beautiful island of Zakynthos. Ferries are frequent – five ships daily during winter –seven during summer. Zakynthos harbours deep forests, fabulous beaches with amazing turquoise waters, special openhearted people, colourful villages with paved streets and Italian architecture.


Karytena is one of the most historical and picturesque villages of Arcadia. The buildings are stone and it is a preserved settlement. Enjoy a walk in the cobbled streets, among the old Byzantine churches and the colourful two-store buildings dating back to the 19th century. The castle on the top of a steep rock was considered one of the most important fortresses during the Franco-Turkish occupation. During the Revolution of 1821, the Greek leader, Theodoros Kolokotronis, fortified the walls and built his house and a church, using the castle as a military base for his operations.


Mesolonghi is proud of its contribution –at both national and international levels – to fighting for freedom. It is the capital of Aetolia-Acarnania Prefecture with 18.121 inhabitants. Among the sights worth visiting in the town of Mesolonghi are the Gate of the Exodus, the City walls & the Garden of Heroes –where you can see the graves of many fighters of the Revolution as well as the cenotaph containing the heart of the great English poet George Gordon Byron [Lord Byron]. Visit the Art Gallery to admire paintings by Greek and foreign artists, inspired by the Exodus of Mesolonghi, portraits of politicians and leaders of the Revolution and also a special exhibition dedicated to Lord Byron. Don’t miss the Anemomylos (windmill) and the St. Symeon Monastery.


The historical town of Kalavryta is built on a small high plateau of Mt. Helmos, among the snow-covered peaks of the mountains Panahaiko and Erymanthos. With 2.500 inhabitants, it is considered the main settlement in the area. Unfortunately, the old houses were destroyed by the German troops in 1943 during the Massacre of Kalavryta.  In Kalavryta enjoy long lazy walks under the shade of huge plane-trees or the demanding crossing of the beautiful Vouraikos Canyon. Pay a visit to Agia Lavra and the Monastery of Mega Spilaion. The Kalavryta Ski Centre is the highest in Achaia Prefecture (2.341 m) and is located on a slope of Mt. Helmos. Don’t hesitate to pay a visit to the Cave of the Lakes with its marvellous nature. A short distance from Kalavryta, is the village Planetero. Under the shade of the plane-trees, lulled by the sound of the Aroanios River, you can enjoy trout or salmon at the colourful stone tavern, by the fish farm.


The name Lousios derives from the Greek verb “λούζω”, because according to myth, the nymphs chose to bathe the new born god, Zeus, in its crystal clear waters. It is a short river (26 km) that springs from Karkalou plateau, north from Dimitsana, meets with river Alfios at the west of Karytena and gathers impressive quantities of water during its course, creating a gorgeous canyon, one of the prettiest in Peloponnese.