Columned porticoes, sweeping staircases, open-air whirlpools, splendid gardens, domed outdoor massage rooms screened by voile curtains are just some of the features of this exquisite spa – 4,500 sqm of pure pleasure.

Elixir Thalassotherapy Center

Inspired by the Rotunda at nearby  Ancient Olympia, the ‘Elixir’ Thalassotherapy Center is designed like a complex of Greek temples. Illuminated in the evening, it harks back to the sanctuaries of Classical Greece. This luxury retreat combines the ages-old wisdom of the Greeks, who valued the healing properties of the sea, with modern wellness regimes to relax the body and rejuvenate the spirit. The ‘Elixir’ Thalassotherapy Center has three wings. The central building is a rotunda, inspired by the temple Alexander the Great built at the sanctuary at Ancient Olympia. A grand staircase sweeps up from the reception area into the spa’s inner sanctum – a suite of thirty elegantly-appointed private massage rooms, changing areas, showers, saunas, exercise rooms, steam rooms, and luxurious indoor and outdoor lounges where you can relax between treatments. The sanctuary design is part of the escapism of this fantasy setting and it’s hard not to feel like a goddess when you’re seated in an open-air whirlpool under the dome of a small temple. Spoil yourself completely with an open-air massage on the temple veranda, discreetly screened by billowing curtains of filmy voile. The spa’s showstopper is the Aqua Elixir Thalasso Pool – more opulent than the grandest Roman thermae. Simply Divine!

The Spa offers arrange of natural therapies based on Greek herbs and flowers as well as traditional Ayurvedic treatments, performed by Indian therapists. Ayurveda – meaning “science of life” in Sanskrit – is a 5,000-year old Indian healing system, which aims to balance the body, mind and spirit to both treat and prevent disease. It is the most natural way to refresh and eliminate toxic imbalances from the body, as well as boost immunity and good health.
Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, was the first to establish the healing properties of seawater. The sea’s natural elements-sprays, seaweeds, fine sands and seawater-are the core ingredients of thalassotherapy, and a key source of stimulation for the body.The very core of the Elixir-ThalassoSpa concept: thalassotherapy.  Its elixir is seawater.  According to the French biologist R. Quinton, the constitution of seawater closely resembles that of blood plasma on account of its high content of trace elements.  If seawater  is heated to a temperature between 31° and 33° C, these trace elements permeate through the pores of the skin into the body and revitalise the whole organism while strengthening and firming the tissues.  This revitalising effect is especially effective in the case of overtiredness and stress.
 • Aqua Elixir Thalasso Pool with wild-water corridor, cannons, bubble seats, nozzles, and shower jet • Cool plunge pool • Indoor heated lap pool • Two open-air  temple whirlpools and one indoor whirlpool • Saunas and steam rooms • Relaxation Loggia to rest between treatments • Gymnasium with state-of-the-art Star Trac cardio fitness equipment • Personal training rooms • Separate men’s and women’s changing facilities with private lockers • Juice Bar • 30 massage rooms and private suites • Open-air Temple massage rooms • Ayuverda customised luxurious treatments performed by Indian experts • Thalassotherapy, Hydrotherapy

Spa Treatments : • Body & Soul Elixirs, Aromatherapy, Carita, Payot & Yon-Ka Facials & Body Treatments, Hot Chocolate, Signature Treatments • Love Potion & Passion Ritual for 2 • Beauty Salon offering facial treatments, hairdressing, hair treatments, manicures & pedicures • Doctor’s office 

 Sunburn: Live Greek yogurt offers natural relief from sunburn. Before your holiday, start a diet rich in vitamin A as it helps protect the skin from burning.

Upset stomach: Traditional Greek remedies include chamomile tea, Greek coffee with drops of lemon, yogurt, and carbonated drinks.

Mosquitoes: Never switch on bedroom lights until after you’ve closed the windows. Use an electric device with special repellent tablets (available from mini-markets). Change the tablet every 8 hours for protection. If you do not wish to use the tablets, ask your Guest Relations department for a basil or lemon verbena plant to put in your room. If you are bitten while out at night without mosquito remedies, ask at the nearest taverna for a paper napkin soaked in vinegar – it soothes the itching. Avoid wearing flower-scented perfumes; instead, choose a lemon-based perfume and body cream.

Classical Beauty: Beauty may be more than skin deep, but the ancient Greeks also knew the importance of head-to-toe pampering for health. Feeling good has a positive effect on our physical well-being. To achieve the smooth, flawless skin that inspired Classical art, women used honey and olive oil, often scented with wild herbs, to moisturize and protect their skin.

Yogurt Scrub: Yogurt’s astringent properties make it an excellent natural ingredient for masks and scrubs. For gentle exfoliation, combine creamy Greek yogurt and finely ground almonds or oatmeal into a thin paste; rub very gently, then rinse with rosewater.

Spa Tip: If you’ve ever sat on a warm ledge, it’s easy to recall the incredible sensation from the heat spreading through your body. Hot stone massage is far more sensual and a perfect way to reconnect with the harmonious energies of the earth. Smooth stones from basalt, a volcanic material, are warmed, then placed on the body and gently manipulated so that the heat spreads to every muscle, awakening each and every fibre of your being. Indulge.